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Found 5 results

  1. Good evening as its in my timezone now. i am writing with a deep heart full of pains to request that you delete all my addon domains in my account and let my main free domain be as it is. my username name: Bfaschat my server: johnny i will be so much happy if you grant this two request for me.
  2. Hey, Almost from the first day I setup my website (WordPress) my hopstng has been crazily slow and I receive frequent 522 errors and sometimes 500 and 404 errors. I know my website works because I have successfully connected before. I am using cloudflare but that only slightly improves the speed. My hosting is on the johnny server and my site is nestmc.tk/wp. This problem makes my hosting fairly unusable. I need help. Thanks -Evan
  3. Um... Ever since johnny came online, it is suffering from (very) frequent overloading. Are admins looking at it, or is it to be considered the current normal behavior? Some time before the Big Crash, things went much more smoothly on johnny, and I guess some of the more active accounts have moved to stevie because of unacceptable downtime for them. In fact, the current load patterns are a lot like the problems johnny had right before the crash... Hopefully, we're not headed there again. Thanks, Asher
  4. I've been seeing some data, after the server to slow down, looked in cpanel, and monitor and noticed that the RAM and swap are overloaded. Note: According to the site have 8gb of ram Note2: 80% Used :0! Note3: Swap is 95% Note4: Server load is usually red image (cant upload) Does it reset solves? or clean memory? help steve! tnks now: Server Load 9.81 (4 cpus) Memory Used 90.0 % Swap Used 95 %
  5. username: devil103 server: stevie domain: devil103.heliohost.org Hi guys I've been running a testsite over at Stevie using the codeigniter php framework but the site is extremely slow to load pages and I'm getting a high nummer of disconnects. I've been checking the server loads to see if the connection are intermittent but I'm afraid it's all the time. Has this something to do with Codeigniter? Or some setting? I once had a Stevie account before (in November 2011) but didn't have any issues back then! Hopefully this can be sorted out! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
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