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  1. Hi, I have few question about charset. What charset is best for croatian language pack. I use iso-8859-2 What PHP codes I can use for set charset for language pack (If someone know, I actually in my case I need for PHP-Fusion) Hello from snow Bosnia
  2. Today as I was allocating my databases I suddenly got a message "There are no users associated with your account" & There are no databases associated with your account." I took the time to create 20+ databases.... what now? I hope you can give me a reasonable explanation and resolve this issue... otherwise I have to make some decisions. Thanks
  3. When trying to open a database connection to one of my databases I get the following error. [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Access denied for user '[user Name]'@'76-248-92-62.lightspeed.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net' (using password: YES) Here is the connection string (redacted for security) DRIVER=MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver;SERVER=stevie.heliohost.org;UID=[userName];PWD=[Password];DATABASE=[DataBase Name] In CPanel I did create the user and asigne it full privs to the DB. I've read in another post the CPanel is not properly asigning the rights to users, and in that post the issue was not resolved because the user was moving the database anyway.
  4. I set up additional user accounts for mysql on cpanel a couple of hours ago and they appear not to work when referencing them in PHP. I've looked under information-schema in phpmyadmin and they don't exist there. I'm most likely doing something wrong, the code is sound but I get an Access Denied error. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this?
  5. I read that the FROM statement is executed before the WHERE statement. So what i understand is: SELECT * FROM tbl_1 JOIN tbl_2 ON <condition> WHERE tbl_1.id='value'; Would first join the 2 tables according to the ON condition and then go about retrieving rows according to the WHERE condition. So would this be faster?: SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM tbl_1 WHERE tbl_1.id='value')A JOIN tbl_2 ON <condition>;
  6. Has anyone used Joomla on Helio? Hope this is the right forum. Most of the technical forums I saw here focused mainly on hacking. I do not see why IIS would be needed. Software Recommended Minimum More information PHP* 5.2 + 4.3.10 http://www.php.net MySQL** 4.1.x + 3.23 http://www.mysql.com Apache*** (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib) 2.x + 1.3 http://www.apache.org Microsoft IIS**** 7 6 http://www.iis.net
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