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Found 7 results

  1. Can someone help me please? I noticed that the hacker changed the password and the email of my account and now I can't even login! Here is my website: http://samilol.heliohost.org/ Thank you. -goom
  2. Hello, this is urgent. I received an email yesterday morning advising that I requested a password change for my cpanel. I DID NOT REQUEST THIS! My account has obviously been hacked (and I believe that I know by whom). Please reset my password and advise to this email address. My username is bassman and my original pw is we.....t. Please respond urgently - my website is in danger of being vandalised. Thanks F.Laughton
  3. I was hacked again And yes I was using the heliohost password generator! This is now the 2nd time, please someone do something about this! My username is: schimpfk PS: The 2nd time it got hacked was on the 8th of May 2013!
  4. Can someone please help me? My heliohost website got hacked, it seems that the hacker changed my cPanel password, and the contact mail so I can't reset my password. My cPanel username is: ermando My website: http://3DSFun.heliohost.org Can someone send me the password (or reset) to the GMX mail account which I created the website with? Regards, MarioErmando.
  5. My website was hacked by the same people who hacked that other fellow's site. C.L.H. (Cianjur Learn To Hack). So here is the thing, first time around I replaced my index.php and got rid of a C99 shell they left behind. Then I changed my cpanel and word press passwords to 32 character ones (upper, lower, numbers, symbols) randomized and nonsensical. The password hashes can not be solved unless they have some really nice and huge rainbow table. So my page gets hacked again, same people. This time around all my word press files were fine (unaltered), so they defaced my page in some other manner. So it seems unlikely that my passwords are compressed. I imagine they gained access to the server somehow and you guys have a bigger issue on your hands. Anywho my website now consists of an index.html informing my visitors of the down time as I figure out what I want to do. You guys should look into this and make sure your servers aren't compromised. Cheers, Omar EDIT: The servers show no signs of being compromised in any way.
  6. When I start up my own site (erichoog.heliohost.org) it doesn't come up but a site / message appears that it's hacked by C.L.H. (Cianjur Learn To Hack). How can I / can you please solve this problem? Thanx!
  7. The index.php page to my blog (hosted on heliohost) has been replaced and the site now opens defaced with text stating; It looks fairly innocuous, but I'd have to be an idiot to assume that they're only doing what they imply they are. Obviously there is no way I'm going to go emailing this...person..., but does anyone happen to recognise this attacker as falling into a particular attack type? In other words, how paranoid should I be about this kind of infestation? I did take the security advice for setting up the wordpress installation in the first place - strong passwords and user names, latest version of WP, minimal active plugins etc, but evidently wasn't quite careful enough. *sigh* I'll be scanning my computer, just in case, and (since I've got recent backups) probably doing a clean install of wordpress with new user-names, passwords and table prefixes, as I can't face searching through all the WP files for hacker-droppings (I can still get into my Heliohost account to delete/amend files directly, so I'm not stymied there). What does concern me, is that as it was a private site, I'd tried to keep it out of the search listings - in fact, searching for the full site address on Google still doesn't bring it up in the first three pages, so I thought I should probably post the issue in the forums, in case it's someone poking through the heliohost subdomains to see who's vulnerable. Apologies it this is the wrong area for this post - it's not really a customer support issue, nor exactly feedback, more a heads-up (and a small whine, as this really wasn't what I wanted to be doing on the last day of my Bank Holiday weekend :-(
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