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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I am not sure if my account overloaded or something, but I installed OpenCart, played a little bit with it and soon after, my account started lagging. I also tried to connect via FTP a few times with wrong credentials so I'm not sure if I actually got locked out of my account.
  2. HI, I am Administrating/writing a web site for a friend's business site. She wants a super reliable web site and now is requesting SSL for secure emails. She has her domain name already registered, and the web site is azseniorservices.com on heliohost.net Johnny server. Question: Is it worth moving from Johnny to Stevie SSL, because the Server reliability is currently better? (Sometimes her users cant get to the web site....) Will Johnny SSL be more stable, or should I go ahead and move it over to Stevie SSL because of server load? As soon as I know which would be better from your Admin perspective, and best for her business web site, I will move or not move per your advise, and I will provide her Paypal email address so she can pay the $12 SSL fee. Are there any other fees yet to paid? Also is this the correct place to request SSL? Many THanks ahead of time!! Gloria admin@azseniorservices.com
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