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  1. ETN is not mineable. They changed technologies a while back. ETN is a junk coin anyway, it’s more marketing fluff than actual technology, and some suspect that it’s actually a disguise for an identity data harvesting operation.


    i just sent whatever was left in my turtle wallet to the hh wallet.


    transaction hash: d18934b451f5e567e05ea5d4f9aec65bdbacb7365e4c7689ed6e562a1b5bbf64


    I've also switched to mining directly to the hh wallet with the worker name "ikk".


    apologies if this took too long. I initially chose to mine to my own wallet so that I can get the statistics, which wasnt a big deal then as the fee was extremely tiny. But with the new fork, the fee will increase significantly. And hence I'll follow both of your and Krydos's advice and mine directly to the hh wallet. I should've done this from the beginning, I am very sorry. 

  2. You can always mine directly to our wallet to skip the fee entirely. We mine on mine2gether, simply use our wallet address and we’ll get credit. (If you check the stats there you may see other miners labeled as RGS Client, those are HelioMine users.)


    Of course this method means you’re going to donate the entire output of the miner...

    I sort off wanted the statistics haha! Guess i can get part of them by setting a worker name.


    What do you think of ETN? Is mining it through a low end CPU of any use compared to TRTL?

  3. @wolstech, here's an example of the new transaction fees.




    Well @ikk157, actually the transaction fees goes to the miners itself, they're not taken for anything else, so our incomes are likely to rise (or should by virtue of basic logic), so they should maintain an equilibrium. Have a look at this: https://discordapp.com/channels/388915017187328002/471023390954618883/660792522724999198


    And TBH I can already see it rising - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/634795472544071682/660835260854042645/Screenshot_20191229-185212.png


    It was around 450 TRTL a day and I can already see it nearing ~600 TRTL a day.

    You don’t quite get it. You’ll be losing more than what you’re gaining back!

  4. The fee goes up and down by demand. Congested network will cause fees to rise. You can usually specifically tell a wallet to use a smaller fee when sending coins, just be aware that lower fees mean it takes much longer for your tx to process. If the fee is averaging 10k and you put up 500, nobody is going to waste their time on you unless the network runs out of other tx's with higher fees.


    I'm not aware of any other coin that is light enough to mine easily like turtle is. The other coins in the same space (xmr, aeon, etc.) are all much heavier on miners.

    That won’t work out in the long term at all! The fees will take away the majority of the future trtl i’ll end up getting by mining, and hence hh won’t get much at the end of the day. This is an absolute bummer!

  5. OK...that sync'd faster than I expected...

    New transaction found!
    Incoming transfer:
    Hash: f45b9934b0b47591bd8a9b01c02d65517c5ae8364a7ae0767d07c3d162670450
    Block height: 2141445
    Timestamp: 2019-12-27 07:45
    Amount: 20,099.73 TRTL
    Thank you for the donation. :)

    I just came to know that the TRTL transaction fee has increased significantly! This is quite outrageous! We can’t keep on going with these new fees as it’ll cause the loss of the majority of the amount!


    Any clue on any other coin that’s just as profitable as TRTL (or even more profitable) when it comes to mining on low end CPUs? One that has insanely low transaction fees.

  6. OK...that sync'd faster than I expected...

    New transaction found!
    Incoming transfer:
    Hash: f45b9934b0b47591bd8a9b01c02d65517c5ae8364a7ae0767d07c3d162670450
    Block height: 2141445
    Timestamp: 2019-12-27 07:45
    Amount: 20,099.73 TRTL
    Thank you for the donation. :)

    Always a pleasure to support HH in whatever way I possibly could :)


    We got it :) Thanks for the donation!

    Incoming transfer:
    Hash: ee7aea890fcc097cbeb9af64dd1a7127845bd771fc4fc439dd7597769c264508
    Block height: 2041838
    Timestamp: 2019-11-22 17:02
    Amount: 4,747.89 TRTL



    Well, it’s not much in dollars. But the idea is that I’ll keep on making these donations and it’ll (hopefully) eventually build up.

  8. Do you have the txID for the transaction you sent the coins in?


    The way the chain works means those probably won't all come together, and you can't see the sender due to being a privacy coin, so I have to know the ID in order to figure out what's yours.

    I’m trying to get it, but my turtle wallet is acting up. Usually it shows up as one payment on the wallet (i use turtle wallet proton). Can you please check if you don’t mind?

  9. Hello,


    I’ve started mining trtl on my VPS lately specifically for heliohost (using xmrig since I don’t have the skills to install the packages that heliomine needs manually on centos). I’ve sent 4747.99 worth of trtl (excuse the .99 caused by the fees) to the hh trtl wallet. Can you please confirm that you’ve received it?





    You beat my $300 donation. Congratulations. You deserve it. :) Enjoy your spoils.

    Haha thanks! What "spoils" are you referring to? Doesn't everyone get inactivity immunity and double storage for donating?

    Read the fundraiser again


    “ Whoever donates the largest amount will win a beast of a VPS for six months with 16 GB memory, 8 cpus, 300 GB hard drive space, unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated IPv4 address, and your choice of operating system. That's a $318 value!”


    You’re the chosen one!

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  11. WOW! Awesome. Thanks for the donation.


    I've got to wait for Krydos to officially verify it, but the meter showing the go fund me over goal just made our day. He'll be able to confirm, but I think you may also now hold the record for most generous single donation in our history :)


    I've edited the post title to draw some more attention it too.

    Can’t wait to see (read?) Krydos’s reaction

  12. I donated as:

    Caleb T

    Donation amount:


    Date Donated:




    Woah dude! You are extremely generous! Because of you, sparkie has now been fully funded. Heck, it’s even way past the goal now!


    On behalf of the entire heliohost community, we would like to thank you for that! Enjoy your beast of a VPS!

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  13. Try now.



    Now I just have several things to get sorted:


    1) I want to change the email from ibrahimk157@me.com to ibrahimk157@gmail.com since for some odd reason the @me.com seems to dump some emails.


    2) I need to get this forum account renamed to ikk157 (that also includes the email change)


    3) If possible, I'd love to have the double storage and the inactivity immunity. I’ve donated $13 worth of btc a while ago (krydos can confirm this) and $2 point something worth of etn not so long ago (krydos told me only wolstech can confirm this). That makes it a $15 total

  14. Greetings,


    I have not been able to receive a backup email (even when manually having it sent by Krydos... until he sent the link in word form). Today, I tried retrieiving the backup again at https://www.heliohost.org/backup/ just to test and it somehow arrived...after about an hour.


    My question is, is this issue on HelioHost's end? My email is an @me.com email. How do I make sure my Tommy invitation link arrives to me without problems? (I’m aware i can just wait till all the invites are sent and if I didn’t get mine by then, then i can get an admin to send it manually. However, I’d rather get this looked at so I don’t experience such issues in the near future).


    Please help.


    P.S. It seems that my email provider did not block no-reply@heliohost.org. I tried signing up again just to test (I didn’t actually continue with creating the account) and the verification email was sent to me successfully so that is not the root cause.


    Thanks and apologies if I’ve been annoying you with this issue on discord lately.

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