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  1. Hi, I have been getting the following error since yesterday when I try to log into the cpanel. I have stopped receiving emails and I am trying to troubleshoot why. Internal Server Error500 No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): cpsrvd Server at tommy.heliohost.org
  2. Thank you for your help with this. I appreciate how quickly you responded. I am currently fighting brain cancer so I haven't been able to log in as often as I would like. I will set a reminder on my calendar in the mean time to help me stay on top of logging in while going through these treatments.
  3. Hi, I tried to log in this morning and it says that I am suspended due to inactivity. May I please have it active again? a. HelioHost username: newrep b. The server my account is on: Johnny c. My HelioHost main domain: new-republic.org Thanks. Sean
  4. Actually the exact opposite. Everyone will get moved eventually. Please continue to be patient. No one gets to move up or down on the list by whining. Coincidence, then. I dig.
  5. Touché. I was just going off what he said in this thread.
  6. I donated well over snowm's $11 but not over $100 ... squeaky wheel gets the grease?
  7. All the $100 donors are already invited/transferred. Right now if you donated $20 or more you would be at the head of the line. Yay!
  8. My mail has been rejecting all mail for 4 days, supposedly because my mx records had an issue (though it "magically" started working with no change at 0938 CDT today). Has my invite email been sent yet (if it was, it wasn't delivered)
  9. gawmonster

    PHP 7.3

    Patiently awaiting for more information, though getting more and more antsy
  10. Still having issue resetting password. Edit: Nevermind. Worked the second time.
  11. Password reset link worked, but upon changing password, errors out. Retried entire process, failed again. Error page suggested to submit support ticket.
  12. UPDATE2: Thanks, Krydos! UPDATE: Emails eventually came through. But the Tommy Invitation email sends me to "Invalid Code" TLDR: Donated, but paypal is associated with an email address that I can't get validation email from HH. Need advice/assistance in either applying donation status to one account or getting the other account "validated" (Only need/want one of the two accounts, and only a minor preference on the validated one, so as to avoid potential DNS issues in the future) Backstory: namecheap was pointed to heliohost name servers account was on johnny pre-crash-and-burn late last night/early this morning Correction: some time on the 26th, mail stopped flowing. Tried logging into HH today, after noticing the discrepency, informed that my account was now inactive (though I had read that wasn't going to happen any time soon due to Johnny's condition). Other times my account went "inactive" by not logging into the cPanel, DNS still functioned as expected. Nothing much on the domain, but have backup anyways, so I went forth to sign up, per instructions on the page. Plan was to donate and get on Tommy. Did not think about the fact that my MX records were piped through HH DNS. I signed back up with same email. Did not get validation email. Realized my issue with DNS. I set namecheap back to basic dns with my mx records pointed correctly, taking HH out of the equation. Email started to flow again. I tried to sign back up with same email, which acted proper in the fact that it recognized that there is a pending signup. Asked to re-send validation email. Still did not get validation email. At this point, signed up with "parent" email (domain just forwards to gmail, so signed up with gmail address). Got validation email. Continued signup process, donated $XX, noticed afterwards that email address associated with paypal account is the same email address that heliohost "can't email" (most likely due to stale DNS records that I can't access)
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