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Flask app not updating, despite updated code reflecting in log files


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Note: This is specific to HelioHost.

There was a NameError in some code on line 87.

Line 87 of my code was: return MySQLdb.connect(**kwargs)

I modified it to: return mysql.connector.connect(**kwargs)

mysql.connector has been imported in the file. Hence, no NameError should show up. Yet, the error still shows up in the logs. In the wiki it is mentioned that it takes several hours to purge the cache. However, in my case, the log files show the updated code but still have the same error. For example:

return mysql.connector.connect(**kwargs)
NameError: 'MySQLdb' is not defined

What is happening here? Is it a caching issue, or something which I should do on my side?

(I can share the code if required)

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