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how world works?

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who is the most powerful (human) being in the planet?

some uber millionarie like bill gates, elon musk or jeff bezos? ...  or a whole family like the rockefellers, rotschilds or bilderbergs?... or some group of people like the illuminatis or the francmasons or the khazars? ... or even out of this world beings like the anunnakis, or the grey ones?

i think the most powerful and wealthest person in the world coluld be not interested to be known who he/she/it is, or even could be paranoid and wants to not being known at all... the millionares in the above paragraph are the known ones, but i think it could be others even more millionare/powerful that are unknown

i think the most poweful person in the world could even not be a person... it could be a supercomputer or a superbeing living inside a tank, communicating with other less poweful people (i.e. bill gates, rockefeller, etc) through cables in his/her/its head, or through telepathy... telling them what to do next

the most richest/powerful person don't has necessarily to be known

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