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I gotta say that load and performance issues are normal for Johnny though. That server is meant for experimenting and testing, it’s not actually creating a website on a stable hosting, so it sacrifices stability and uptime to let more users have an account and the flexibility to run what they want.


If you need a better production server that works like’d you expect (i.e. I want to get a best reliability server and be running it smoothly all times) I would suggest that you move to Tommy server. He is our production server to use and a best 100% uptime in 24 hours and 7 days a week and we much more tightly control the load on Tommy to ensure it has good uptime.

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Great and please keep in mind the signups are limited per day, and they will fill quickly in a few seconds since we have a lot of users currently in queued. The next reset is not until midnight UTC so you probably might have to stay up late tonight if you want to get in.


The best way to get one easier without having to wait is to make a little as a minimum $1.00 donation. You just need to post your transaction ID here once you finish donating afterwards and we also are willing to move your Johnny account to Tommy for you if you don’t want to create a brand new account and start from scratch.

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