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The Official Rules Guide


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-Excessive use of profanity or bad language
Bob: F*** you!!!

Bob: Whites are superior to blacks.
Bob: Buddhists suck!!!

-Posts meant to offend or hurt another member
Bob: Joe sucks!!!

Bob: You can get all games for free!!! Just download a crack!!!

-Pornographic Material or Suggestions
Bob: XXX FREE [bleeped!]!!!

Bob: Hi I'm Joe.
Joe: No, I'm Joe!

-Multiple Usernames
Bob1: Hi, I'm Bob.
Bob2: I'm also Bob!
Bob3: All three of us are the same person!

-Using Proxies When Posting
Bob: Hey, check it out, I am using a proxy!!

Please see the Official Spam Guide for more information on spam, which is also prohibited. Infraction of these rules will result in a Helion subtraction and/or ban, according to the Official Enforcement Guide.

Use of this website and its forums indicates that you have agreed to the above terms. If you have NOT agreed, please discontinue use of the website and/or Helio Networks and its services.

Thank you.

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