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[Solved] Please unblock my IP


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I guess my password is/was too long or contained disallowed characters...
I use a password manager and generated a password with all kinds of characters that's 100 characters long.

I didn't enter a wrong password, that's for sure. I've never even typed it manually once.


So I'd be glad, if you could unblock me and tell me the password length and character limitations so that I can avoid the same mistake without needlessly reducing my password strength.


What also was/is a bit irritating was/is that I had to click the "I forgot my password" link on helionet to reset my password. I immediately changed the password that was sent to me without overdoing it like last time but now I have different passwords on helionet and heliohost.. If somebody could help me with that as well, I'd be very thankfull!

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Thank you for unblocking me.

I can't change my password on cpanel however... It just tells me "The password that you entered is not a valid password."

For a new password I even tried to use the suggested password generator for the new passwords but it still doesn't work...  I think it just rejects the "Old Password" for some reason.. I can't even login on the screen I land after I time out on cpanel. I have to go back to heliohost.org otherwise it won't let me in...


There's no "I forgot my password" link afaik. Could somebody please reset my password or help me some other way because this way I'm kinda stuck...

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