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Ideas For Things To Add To My Website


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Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions on what to add to my website. It is very basic right now, so I was wondering if I could add something more advanced to it... Not too advanced though, as I am more of a beginner when it comes to writing code.

My website domain is:


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well i just pulled your website up and with in 5 seconds looking at it i think you need some css style on it. you could add some margins to the text and pictures possibly float the text left and the pictures right. put some padding and a different

background-color in the pictures. all these are very simple concepts in css if you do not already know of them. you can just google css then "what i have in bold" or you can look them up on w3schools.com which have a GREAT css reference.

now i will look in your page a little bit further and see if there is anything else that could be done.

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