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The Official Spam Guide


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-Irrelevant Posts
Bob: The iPod is my favorite MP3 player. What's your favorite?
Joe: I like cheese.

-Topics that don't mean anything or ask a question
Bob: I like posting

-Posts that don't contribute
Bob: YES!! I just got an iPod!!
Joe: iPods SUCK!!!

-Questions that are obvious or easily answered by using search engines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
Bob: Where is Apple's website?

-Repeatedly adding one to three word posts that don't take much thought
Bob: Do you have an iPod?
Joe: Oh yes, it is very cool, here is why: [REVIEW GOES HERE]
Bob: Cool
Bill: What's so cool about an iPod?
Bob: MP3

Bob: Go to www.apple.com get the iPod it is really cool!

-Unneccesary bumping
Bob: [bump]
Bob: [bump]
Bob: [bump]

-Repeatedly posting similiar topics without much purpose
Bob: What do you think of the iPod?
Bob: What do you think of the Zune?
Bob: What do you think of the Gigabeat?

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a Helion subtraction and/or ban, according to the Official Enforcement Guide, except in extreme circumstances.

Use of this website and its forums indicates that you have agreed to the above terms. If you have NOT agreed, please discontinue use of the website and/or Helio Networks and its services.

Thank you.

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