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[Solved] Webpage Hacked

Programer OZ

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My website was hacked by the same people who hacked that other fellow's site. C.L.H. (Cianjur Learn To Hack). So here is the thing, first time around I replaced my index.php and got rid of a C99 shell they left behind. Then I changed my cpanel and word press passwords to 32 character ones (upper, lower, numbers, symbols) randomized and nonsensical. The password hashes can not be solved unless they have some really nice and huge rainbow table. So my page gets hacked again, same people. This time around all my word press files were fine (unaltered), so they defaced my page in some other manner. So it seems unlikely that my passwords are compressed. I imagine they gained access to the server somehow and you guys have a bigger issue on your hands. Anywho my website now consists of an index.html informing my visitors of the down time as I figure out what I want to do.


You guys should look into this and make sure your servers aren't compromised.







The servers show no signs of being compromised in any way.

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