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[Solved] Site Stopped Working


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Hello, I am a student and I'm sure.

Please, after pointing my domain (alsantosss.co.cc) for alsantosss.heliohost.org, the site crashed, the host does not interpret the php language.

I removed the Parked Domain, and the problem persists.


Host........: Heliohost

Server....: Stevie


User........: alsantos

Domain...: alsantosss.heliohost.org

Site.........: [Edited to remove a download.]

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I'm getting a 403 error when I try going here:




Rename or delete your root .htaccess file.


hi, I did what you said, but there was not results.

if you access the site, you'll see that clicking on ' /loja/admin/', the index.php page is not interpreted, is downloaded to the computer that made the request.

Thank you for helping me.

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@alsantosss now it works fine the index.php is working for me , in my mac book and in linux machine and even on my android phone browser.


think its problem with ur browser .

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It's working fine for me too now. Refresh your cache or try another browser.



Thanks to everyone for the effort.


The problem was solved by deleting the .htaccess root and clearing the browsers cache.


Before it did not work because I forgot to clean the Cache browser after deleting the htaccess.


really thanks and forgive any hassle.

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