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[Solved] Johnny Addon/parked Domain Adding Problem


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I too have this problem, please help me, @djbob.


My cpanel account: frfm

Default domain: frfm.heliohost.org


I want to add a domain name, but there was a problem creating the parked domain.


Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you are not allowed to add any more than (0) parked domains!


Parked Domains 0 / 0

Addon Domains 0 / 0



Help-me Admin @djbob......

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@viclou - I'm not quite sure why your cPanel was showing unlimited disk space. Your account somehow seemed to have bypassed our package quota. I have amended your account and re-placed the 500MB limit.

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I'm also trying to addon a domain.


The error I get, like above is that I cannot go above my 0/0 limit.


The helpful hint: "This feature must be enabled for your account before you can use it" doesn't help me find out how I can enable this feature.


Do I understand correctly that I have to put in a request (i.e. this) to enable addons?


Could you help please?


Username: partisan

Domain: partisans.heliohost.org



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having this issue on stevie, can add domains from Addon Domains, but cannot see any in the listing below after addding and it says 0/0, however I can see those added in the Subdomains page.

username : xmweb2

server : stevie


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