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Inactivity Suspension Policy


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I was just wondering has the 30 day necessary account login be removed from stevie or has it just stopped working?


The reason I'm asking this is because it has definitely been more than 30 days since my last login to cPanel. Before today the last time I logged into it would have been around the 25th of September.


I couldn't find anyone asking this and the inactivity period is still listed as part of the suspension policy as well so I thought I would ask.

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Hello craigis :)


We are currently having a few technical difficulties with the database for Stevie accounts.

This is causing the script that suspends old accounts to be unable to find any old Stevie accounts.

In other words, the inactivity suspension system is currently non-functional but we hope to bring it back as soon as we can to prevent old accounts from filling up the server.


This does not effect Johnny accounts, and it does effect most of Stevie accounts.





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That's good news (LoL...). You may want to leave the script just like that for a while.


Ok... just kidding.


Yea it's helpful if you want to come back like I did but then again it will mean a lot more resources are used by people who gave up here...

So hopefully the script is repaired sometime soonish don't really want all those inactive accounts sitting around.

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