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Yes; as the IPB bot said: Welcome!!


Our Mission:

This site is dedicated to becoming a popular community hotspot. We will strive to be as democratic as possible, and to listen to your view. Our staff promises to moderate and adminstrate fairly, and to not use their powers in a destructive and incontructive manner. We all promise to not create and enforce unneccessarily stict rules, and to be as nice as possible to our members!


Our Goals:

In the future, we plan to be offering the following services:

- Free hosting for your posts (DONE)

- An IBStore* (DONE)

- More skins (DONE)

- A HelioPolitics system, to let you decide who you want to be moderator! (CANCELLED)


*IBStore is an addon for Invision Power Board that allows members to accumulate points and exchange them for special privileges and items!


Thanks for checking us out; we hope you will become a dedicated member and poster on these forums!


The Helio Networks Team.

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Loads slowly=IPB 1.3, its always been slow... well, the sites getting moved onto a Dual Xeon maybe soon hehe, it should speed up.


Too much forums=I can't delete them all now :D I spent too much time creating them.


No mods=I am soon installing IBStore, and Arcade maybe.

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you don't need a dual xeon. I could run a fast IPB 1.3 on even a 20 MHz processor. The problem is that they are trying to cram thousands of users on one server. That's what makes it slow. They should only cram up to 50-100 users on this server, but they have more like 8,000. Which is :( even for the supercomputers.

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I am pretty sure that it will speed up considerably after the server has been changed, regardless of the number of users. Intel Xeon processors are pretty fast, and they are also 64-bit. But when you have two of them running side-by-side, well, you can prepare for true 128-bit computing!


btw, djbob, what kind of speed does each processor have? I have seen them range from 2-gigahertz to more than 3-gigahertz. And I hope you are using an IBM server, IBM has a fine reputation for being innovative and reliable. Their newest server family, the Blue Gene, is the fastest server in the world, with more than 100,000 PowerPC processors.

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