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  1. Will change the passwords, thank you. FYI I did use WP in the past but stopped because of too many issues with performance etc. So that's no longer active. Thnx!
  2. I agree, I received the same mail and marked it as spam. Maybe I even reported my own account in doing so. The mail itself was NOT sent by me. I'm not an email guru so I can't analyse the technical bits to see if this is a hack or just someone pretending to send this from my Email adress. Can you? So what I will do anyway is change my password. But I wouldn't know what else I can do to prevent this. Any tips / all suggestions welcome. Thnx!
  3. Hi all, My account (tstamp on tommy2) is suspended. Could you please check why and unsuspend? Yesterday I received a mail reminder to login every 30 days and I did. That took some time to load but worked fine in the end. Did something go wrong there? Thnx!
  4. Hi all, My accountdetails: tstamp on tommy2 My websites are down and when I try to login on Plex I get the following error Website Error It looks like something went wrong. If you try again later it might start working on its own, or you can contact support to let us know that it's broken. Thanks. Can you please check what's wrong and/or fix? Thnx!
  5. Ok, just 'uploaded' new user + pwd. after submit it says: Your new password has been securely stored in the system, but it has not been automatically applied to the account. An admin needs to manually assign the new password to the account. Please let an admin know that you have submitted your new password. Once an admin has updated the password to what you just entered you will be able to login with the new credentials. so it seems to work.
  6. By the way... it seems my main-account is locked after trying to login with the subaccount for a couple of times :-(. It's on Tommy2.
  7. Hi all, I read the SFTP subaccounts were deleted. But I do need the one I had (restricted access to only one of my directories). Can you please recreate a SFTP subaccount for me? The subaccount should have the following directory as 'root': /tstamp/public_html/test.stampaner.nl Thnx!
  8. You're right about the DKIM check, I didn't. Thought 'default' would be the default ;-). Still no response from Google. Bit fed up with them not responding so I'll migrate to another mail account somewhere else. Should be solved than. Thanks for your help
  9. Ok, getting there step by step ;-). FYI still no response from Google on my support request :-(. Retested and found som news: The autoforward works for mails sent from non-Gmail accounts. These Emails are delivered to the local mailbox at heliohost, forwarded to Gmail AND received/accepted in my Google mailbox. 🙂 🙂 🙂 BUT for mails sent from Gmail accounts (I've tried a couple) autoforward mails are not yet accepted by google. Emails are delivered to the local mailbox at heliohost but NOT received/accepted by Gmail I'll use this new/current toolbox results and current setting to add to my support request at Google and hope for some response now. Running the Google toolbox again for the domain stamphaus.nl I see almost everything is 'green'. Also the MX-records and MX-search check is approved/green. Only two 'yellows' remain (of which the second one is NOT A PROBLEM according tot Google): DKIM is not configured .... strange, this issue is not showing up in your list...? There's no additional information with that score in my overview... No Mail exchangers ... that's no problem / caused by the auto forward. (the additional information in that line states that I can ignore that).
  10. No repsonse from google yet Did find a Google toolbox that is suggested to check to prevent messages being marked as spam: https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/checkmx/ If I run that one for my domains I get a number of issues that Google sees regarding Nameservers vs CNAME, NS, MX, TXT and SPF records. But these results are a bit of abracadabrra to me... you?
  11. P.s. I added mail-tester in the forward rule box (second tab, field 'Forward incoming messages to the following email address') and that caused the replies. So aparently the forward rule doesn't use 'TO' but 'CC' or something that triggers mail-tester to block these automatically forwarded mails.
  12. Ok, thnx for the check. Will pass on the IP to Gmail and see if I can get some things done there.
  13. Sorry, I've been away for a couple of days (and checking thiings on my Phone didn't work out that well 😉) I've done some analysis and it seems that my existing mailaccounts are a bit better of than the new one but both still have issues. To check things/rootcause I have disabled autoforwarding and enabled a mailbox for all three accounts and than tried a number of things. send an email to info@... on all three domains. WORKS. All three domains are receiving Email in the mailboxes sent from a Gmail account reply on the mail received to the Gmail account WORKS. replies from all three domains are received by the Gmail account now I re-activated the autoforward but keeping the mailbox in place ISSUE no mail received on the Gmail account mentioned in the autoforward 😞 Changing the autoforward mail adress to a mail-tester account has no effect... https://www.mail-tester.com/test-2tmy7uvq1 (for the domain info@stamphaus.nl) is not receiving the auto forward mail either ?!? So... it still seems there is something going wrong with the auto-forward function. Even if I change the receiving mailadres to a non-Gmail account (mail-test). All other mailfunctionality (send, reply) is working fine... Any new ideas? I don't know where to look for an issue like this.
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