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  1. thats an easy thing to say. whats more difficult is proving it. and without solid proof everything we are saying is pure speculation.
  2. Bigger question, did they have souls? if they did then probably they went to heaven.
  3. Good News: I searched Bad News: i hit brick wall. Good News: I got inspiration Bad News: Not what i was originally looking for but i cant really be fussy. Plan B it is. plan B: Delegate to my subordinates and take credit. Aren't i a nice boss?
  4. heya OK its been a while since i started a topic, sorry but i'm at wits end. Question: I'm planning to make an application that uses a gsm modem to make and receive calls, sms etc. Basically a mobile phone on computer, obiously that's not all the program will be doing. I know AT commands to do what i want to do, and the designing i'm ok. All i want is a way to "talk" to the modem through VC++(2005). What i am NOT looking for: A ready made solution: like ActiveXperts SMS and MMS ToolkitHigh level DLL: Proprietary or Evaluation Software: (I don't want to install something the two lines later it's sending sms and i don't really know how) I'm not really looking for a quick fix but rather the bones that make it all work. Tall order? Maybe. What i would like: Simple example of VC accessing a modem. Before you start screaming "google" you just try to find a pure code way of doing this on google where they aren't trying to sell you something.
  5. Sorry mom (or some one who sound like her), i promise not to make choking sounds ever again. Seriously though, hope no one mistook that for an actual threat, after all I'm harmless, you can even ask the ten guys buried in the back yard next to the rose bush.
  6. No offense taken, just pointing out that swearing doesn't really add much value to an argument.
  7. Listen up 1: Swearing is all fine and dandy but not when every sentence you say involves a swear word. It gets a bit testy. 2: The big ban theory states that BEFORE life there was only one atom of sorts. think of it as a super unstable dense molecule and due to its instability it "exploded". The term exploded can be misleading as it doesn't necessarily imply that it was a violent explosion but leans more to it disintegrated and expanded into the current universe. life as we know it then started a couple of millions (if not billions) of years AFTER that.
  8. Hey bud, sorry it took me so long to look through it. As any apology i shall sacrifice a small goat and name my daughter after you. As it stands it pretty good, i kinda tore it up a bit in my compiler and now I'm waiting for two. Question: this is seems more like API tutorial (sorry ), are you going to touch on design aspects or are you taking the "I'll teach technical, you suffer on design" approach?
  9. The choking sound you all hear is my hands around xzondax's neck
  10. What is wrong with you guys? They were great! so they weren't exactly Steven Spielberg or Jerry Bruckheimer but they were good! *chaining sungazer and xzondax to cinema seats You will watch them until you like them!
  11. I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, it's called spell checker. You thought the first two were bad? Well i guess there are all kinds of people in this world. I haven't seen the third movie yet but basing my judgment on your opinion of the first two movies i can deduce one thing: The third movie is going to be spectacular! Thanks for the review, I'm going to the movies after work.
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