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As someone suggested on the Customer Feedback forum, I have decided to start up a website competition to allow people to show off their programming skills and then decide who is the ultimate winner of the competition. :)


As a reward for the winner of the competition, they will have their own HelioNet User Title of their choice. The default user title is based on your current rank, such as 'Rank I Member', and is displayed on every post the user makes. The winner can change their user title to whatever they please.


There are a few rules that the contestants will have to follow however:

- The website must be hosted on HelioHost on either Stevie or Johnny.

- The website must follow the HelioHost Terms of Service.

- Entries are open right now.

- Voting will commence in a week (4th October), where no further entries are permitted.

- A week after the votes start (11th October), the competition will be closed and the results will be in.


If you wish to enter, please reply to this topic with your site's URL and your HelioHost username (for proof). Remember we're looking for programming skills and styling skills. Have fun! :)

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