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[Solved] Additional subdomain

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Hi all,

I would like to have an additional subdomain to my main domain cj7limited.nl. Can you please add shop.cj7limited.nl ? (I understood this is not yet possible in Plesk to do myself)

My account is tstamp on Tommy2


Thanks again!

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You're currently at your maximum of 10 domains. Which domain would you like to remove in order to add shop.cj7limited.nl? We may offer a donation package that allows for more domains in the future, but we haven't determined a pricing level for it yet. We had to enact a limit because there were so many domains on Tommy that it was starting to affect the uptime.

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Krydos should be able to remove that and use its slot.

Those weird subdomains are a relic of cPanel, which created a subdomain for each addon domain, then parked the addon domain on top of it. Plesk doesn't do this.

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4 hours ago, tstamphaus said:

If possible, you can remove the cj7limited.nl.stamphaus.heliohost.org. Or is that a 'must have' to run the domain cj7limited.nl?

I removed it and added the new one. Do you want me to remove stamphaus.stamphaus.heliohost.org too, or do you use that one for anything? It's mostly because of all these useless cPanel domains that we had to set a limit for people.

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Hi @Krydos,

I noticed the domain files were set outside the public_html directory.

Solved that by just transferring the files. But when trying to generate a ssl certificate I get an error: 

Detail: DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up TXT for _acme-challenge.shop.cj7limited.nl - check that a DNS record exists for this domain

Is that related? Can you adjust the DNS?


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