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  1. Hello! Please deploy the JSP WAR file on my account. User: aman01 WAR File name: refresh_clock.war Thanks!
  2. softlab soflab.heliohost.org johnny please deploy REWeb.war. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am constantly given the error message: 500 Internal Server Error. I have recently made an account on heliohost and need to upload a JSP page to the server. Username: marwaha5 Domain: remotelab-marwaha5.heliohost.org Server: Johnny
  4. softlab softlab.heliohost.org johnny Please, deploy blog.war, new version. Thanks
  5. I requested Java on my Johnny server over 2 weeks ago, I don't understand why its taking so long. Please help. Thank you tanero23.heliohost.org
  6. Hi, my name's Gabriele, excuse me for my ugly english, i'm italian, I have proble with my web site hosted in johnny server: http://ragnetto.heliohost.org, i have the home page into page folder and header.jsp into include folder, in the home page have the code: <%@ include file="../include/header.jsp" %>. The result is: HTTP Status 500 - /home.jsp (line: 1, column: 2) File "../include/header.jsp" not found but in my local server with tomcat works! What the correct syntax for heliohost??? Thanks in advance for response... P.S. I modified graphics for index.jsp but the server put old result stored in tomcat cache...why???
  7. Hi, I want to deploy a jsp/servlet application, I´ve already have jsp working on my account but don´t know how to deploy my application I developed using netbeans. Generally I just copy the .war file generated and tomcat deploys the application, but I don´t know how to do that here, or can anyone help me in deploying my application from netbeans to the server? thanks
  8. Where To Put Java Package In Public Html Directory? so that all jsp pages can successfully import package?
  9. Hi, I've already asked for enable java on my domain, it seems that the TomCat is working, but i tried to upload one jsp page to test but when I try to access the page I'm always redirect to the page with this message: "If you're seeing this, you've successfully installed Tomcat. Congratulations!", and if I try to put the direct link for some other jsp page I got this error: The requested resource is not available. There is any configuration I have to do?
  10. Hi, I request for java. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/12717-request-for-java-mperk/ But I don't run mysite. Please help me. I uploaded 'mysite.war' file. But I didn't run. And ı uploaded 'mysite.zip' file. But I didn't run again. index.xhtml don't run. All other page don't run Please help me
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