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  1. It seems like some IP addresses around the world are being blocked from accessing the servers in our cabinet. If your IP address is affected you will see a timeout error for https://heliohost.org https://helionet.org https://johnny.heliohost.org https://tommy2.heliohost.org and every other server that we own. If your IP address isn’t affected everything will be working as usual. It seems like the IPs are being blocked on our ISP’s level so it’s not something under our direct control. We have contacted our ISP to see if they can fix it. In the meantime if you need to connect to our servers please try switching to another internet connection or using a VPN. We will let you know when everything is working normally again.
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  2. Our ISP rebooted some network hardware for us and our internet connection appears to be working as normal again. Let us know if you’re still having issues connecting to our servers.
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