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  1. Last month we made some changes to our MariaDB connection limits after multiple users abused our generous unlimited connections settings and caused hours of downtime for all of the other users on the server. Since then we've received quite a few complaints from people who are now being forced to write good code when their software tries to open dozens if not hundreds of connections. You need to keep in mind that if you're on Johnny or Tommy you're sharing the server resources with thousands of other users, and it isn't fair for you to hog all the resources. If you want to open unlimited connections we offer VPS plans starting at only $4 per month where you will have the whole server to yourself. If you are getting errors regarding the connection limit, and don't want to get a VPS, please let us know and we can help you rewrite your bad code. We wanted to point out that even though the noisy minority may not like the changes, the server is now much more stable for the silent majority. Prior to the limits MariaDB would crash 4-5 times per day on both Johnny and Tommy and it would take 2-5 minutes for the database to come back online each time. Now MariaDB on both Johnny and Tommy is able to run for weeks without a restart which increases the uptime and stability for the server as a whole.
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